Coffee Tribes

The economy’s down and it’s election year, but that doesn’t stop coffee drinkers from coming together. Coffee tribes is the new buzz around brewery’s.

Julie Bosman, NY Times writer, published an article discussing how the Average Joe is becoming a tribe of it’s own. Fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King, and Dunkin Donuts stopped trying to compete with the foo foo Starbucks drinkers.

Bosman, “They are going after the average Joe.”

The average Joe coffee drinker is right here. Plain Joe coffee is sitting in your cup right now, as you sip and read this. Average Joe’s don’t want to be tied to being a greased up burger joint extra – it’s a coffee style of it’s own.

Plain Joe drinker’s have formed their own tribes of average Joes. Plain Joe tribes are simple, straight forward, experts in their fields, and above all, good old American. So we want to see your Plain Joe tribes featured here – get your gear, send us a pic, and get some goodies in return.

We’re just your average tribe.

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